About Our Company

Boulevard ‘s mission is to guide your business to lower operating costs, increased employee productivity, and improved customer relations through innovative and customized high-tech solutions.

A full-service IT provider, Boulevard is located in, and inspired by, the world’s most challenging and innovative marketplace – New York City.

Turning Real Business Needs
Into Real IT Solutions

MANAGED Services
Unlimited Help Desk Support
Help Desk
We offer 24/7 help desk. Secure, on-demand remote sessions can be initiated that give our technicians full access to your computer. You can watch our technicians as they fix your problem.Remote help desk is fast, efficient, and allows us to respond to problems quicker than if we were on-site.
Network Infrastructure
Network Audit
Most companies have no visibility into what goes on in their server room and network. Boulevard can perform a network audit to discover devices and detect security issues. We can provide detailed inventory of all workstations, servers, and network equipment. Comprehensive documentation and diagrams can be provided.
IT Consulting
We utilize advanced monitoring tools in order to get up to the minute statistics about your network. Bandwidth, CPU and RAM utilization, hard drive free space, and many other key metrics.If any problems arise, we will be alerted immediately.
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