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Managed Services

Traditional I.T. consultants charge you for break-fix. Something breaks, you call them and they try to fix it. These hourly charges can quickly grow, while your productivity shrinks.

Managed Services from Boulevard provides you an all inclusive I.T. package.

Benefits of Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

  • Fixed cost per month enables you to budget for I.T. expenditures.
  • 24/7 monitoring of servers, workstation, and network events allows us to be PROACTIVE instead of RE-ACTIVE.
  • Monthly maintenance routines on servers and workstations keep them running like new.
  • Comprehensive alerting notifies us of any network events such as: server down, hard drive crashed, backup failed, high CPU utilization.
  • Security monitoring ensure antivirus, spyware, and windows updates are always up to date.
  • Basic questions and requests like "How do I CC someone in Outlook?" or "How do I add a bookmark?" are no longer expensive tickets, they are part of your monthly plan.
  • Boulevard will act as Vendor liason so you don't have to. We will be the point of contact for tickets and any technical issues that arise. 

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